Job openings

We are (on purpose) a fairly small group, but we do have space to grow. We would therefore welcome new colleagues who, like us, would like to apply their theoretical skills to (bio)physical systems in close collaboration with experimentalists. We will always have room for motivated MSc and BSc students from physics, nanobiology, mathematics, and related fields. We sometimes have specific openings for PhD students or Postdocs (see below). However, even if we do not, if you are interested in what we do and are willing to apply for a personal fellowship / grant (e.g. Marie Curie or Veni grants), please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss these plans.

PhD student / Postdoc

We currently have no open positions for PhD students or Postdocs. However, strong candidates are always welcome to contact us, if you are interested in the option of applying for a personal fellowship / grant (e.g. Marie Curie or Veni grants). That would also imply you (partially) design your own research project, within the general research interests of our group. Feel free to contact Timon Idema for more details.


Possible funding sources for postdoc grants:

Bachelor's / Master's students

We have openings for both BSc and MSc students starting after the summer.


Possible projects:

Check out our research page for more about our research interests, and our publications page for our most recent results.